Watch Full Abena Korkor ein leak for the last time before I sleep Viral On Twitter

Bill Belichick video is going viral on the internet and social media platforms. Bill Belichick video is being viral on twitter.

New England Patriots fans are stunned by a video circulating Thursday on X. A video posted by Babz, A Patriots fan who comments on the team, alleges to show a video of head coach Bill Belichick, captured on a Ring camera, leaving a h0use w!th0ut a sh!rt.

The video comes out at a time of stress for the recently-single head coach. Belichick is presumed by many in the media to be on the hot seat for the Patriots Week 10 contest against the Indianapolis Colts in Germany.

Abena Korkor ein leak for the last time before I sleep

The video appears to be fuzzy. As of this publishing, it’s impossible to verify the video’s authenticity. There is also no proper context regarding what the person leaving the undisclosed residence was doing or if it was a walk of shame at all. No time stamp.

It’s all pure speculation at this point.

However, many Patriots fans commented on the video as soon as it was posted. Here are the best takes of the Patriots fans reacting to a rumored video of Belichick doing a walk of shame.


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